Age Beautifully with Lavender

Aging is inescapable yet we can embrace the process by taking the right steps to nourish and treat our skin effectively. Plants are considered the most renowned secret to combat aging. And one of nature’s most interesting gifts is lavender.

Not Just A Charming Color

There's more to lavender than its outward beauty and charming color. It is a wonderfully, fragrant plant that has a multitude of healing properties which can be used in the form of salves, essential oils, lotions, and more. What healing properties you may ask? Well, keep reading and I'll share! 

Lavender for Skin Care

Lavender contains anti-aging and anti-bacterial properties that treat canker sores, wounds, sunburns, eczema, psoriasis and wrinkles. Further, its bioactive properties help reduce scar tissue, making it a popular ingredient in cosmetic and therapeutic products. It not only restores the skin's complexion but also brings back a natural glow through production of collagen, slowing the aging process gracefully. Lavender is very gentle to the skin so that it does not affect those with sensitive skin.

Lavender for Hair Care

Lavender isn’t just great for skin, but also for your hair. This essential oil reduces hair loss and even treats lice and nits. With its anti-fungal and anti-inflammatory properties, lavender oil helps clear dandruff. And as a fragrant plant, you will also love the smell of this purple charmer on your scalp and tresses.

Lavender for Detoxification

As you age, detoxification is very important to the removal of heavy metal and free radicals in the body, both of which are significant factors for aging. To remove these toxins, you need to use powerful antioxidants.  Lavender contains potent antioxidants that counteract the aging culprits and reduce oxidative stress on the skin and scalp.

Lavender for Relaxation

For one to age beautifully, a right amount of sleep is a must. And did you know that lavender aids relaxation because of its lovely smell? Naturally occurring compounds found in the oil have anxiety-relieving properties that improve sleep quality and reduce morning sleepiness. No wonder lavender is dubbed one of the most sought-after calming and fragrant plants.

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