rebalance skin for fall

Rebalance Your Skin For Fall + Recipe

September 23, 2019

When the air feels cool, and leaves collect on the ground, we know it is the season of renewal and homecoming. Read on for some tips on rebalancing body and mind this Fall!

Slowing Down

Skincare in the fall is different than summertime. We reach for more moisturizing items: our rich Hand & Foot Therapy, and restorative Botanical Facial Oil. We slow with the season, acknowledging that the long summer days and heat are fading. 

Our Emotions Show On Our Skin

Skincare is an internal and external practice. In the cool fall mornings, setting aside time for meditation and noticing the season are just as important as a nourishing skincare routine. It helps keep inflammation low, and maintain that healthy glow.

Cooler Weather, Dryer Skin & Cuticles

Did you know cooler weather dries your skin our? It also means dry cuticles. Our nails grow from the cuticle bed and don’t function as well when stressed and dry.  So it’s good to start a nail care routine in the fall. Our Cuticle Oil contains sweet almond oil which is high in Vitamin E — an antioxidant that is particularly good for skin health. Minerals found in our sea salt help support the growth of long natural nails. Lavender oil soothes and cleans.

lavender hydrosol small batch

Hydrosol For Lingering Heat

Our Lavender Hydrosol is great to carry in a purse or bag for those lingering hot days of fall. Take a moment to mist your face to cool down quickly, rebalance and moisturize. Made by in small batches by hand on Vashon Island. 

peppermint lavender tea recipe

Peppermint Lavender Tea Recipe

I love making peppermint and lavender tea in the fall. It is cooling but also subtly warming, a good blend for the cooling season. You can find good dried lavender in the bulk herb section at most organic grocery stores. 


1 tbsp dried peppermint leaves
1 tbsp dried lavender flowers


Place leaves into a pot, add about 3 cups of water, and bring to a boil. Cover and simmer for 3 minutes or so. Pour through mesh strainer and enjoy <3

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