Four Reasons Athletes Love CBD

Four Reasons Athletes Love CBD

If your athletic self is looking for relief from pain and inflammation, you may also be interested in better recovery times & performance.  If this sounds encouraging, CBD might be for you! Many athletes today are turning to CBD as a safe, natural alternative with no evidence of side effects. Clinical research on CBD is still new but many studies and anecdotal evidence show positive results so far!

Here are some ways CBD has been helping athletes —

1. Reduced recovery time

Being floored for days due to sore muscles, chronic pain (such as arthritis), or acute pain (an injury) is no fun at all. CBD can reduce recovery time through reducing lactic acid build up. Less lactic acid means your muscles heal faster!

2. Reduced Inflammation Inside and Out

Inflammation is an issue for many. Athletes encounter it often due to vigorous exercise and training. 

Taken internally, CBD has been shown to reduce the inflammatory response. It is also used for generalized anxiety and as a natural sleep aid. With improved sleep and less anxiety, the body lowers its inflammatory response. All good now!

Applied topically (in lotions, salves or balms), CBD can be used for injuries such as sprains, bruises, or swelling. It helps relieve both chronic and acute pain. Some athletes like the idea of, “targeting their pain topically, without having to take a pill.” 


3. Improved Oxygen Intake - good for high elevation

CBD is currently being studied for use in preventing or treating altitude sickness. Hikers and climbers may have already discovered that CBD helps improve their oxygen intake, keeping them from feeling tired and light headed. No more wobbly hikers!

4. CBD as a substitute for painkillers

Many athletes are moving away from NSAIDs (think aspirin, ibuprofen, etc), or over the counter non-steroidal drugs, due to their side effects. Hemp derived CBD has shown no side effects so far. CBD has been shown to be just as effective used topically and/or internally to address the same issues.* A 2008 review by GW Pharmaceuticals examined two decades’ worth of preclinical studies and animal trials and concluded that, “CBD can be a successful tool for pain management without many adverse side effects.”  Some athletes have even used CBD to get out of opioid habits.


Our Quality Standards

After 8 years in the CBD marketplace, Suzi’s Lavender CBD products are always third party lab tested to ensure a proven level of potency, zero pesticides, solvents or heavy metals. Our hemp is sun-grown in organic environments which uses 80% less water and sequesters more CO2. (that's good for the planet)! We care enough to provide the highest quality, most effective lab tested products you will find.  You can find a link to our Certificates Of Analysis on each of our products pages.

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