Hemp Is a Global Trend

Hemp Is a Global Trend

The speed of Hemp oil’s rise in popularity has been rather surprising. Until very recently, all marijuana products held a certain stigma, and cannabidiol was no different.

Its sudden acceptance is exciting—this means that more natural products will become trusted by those seeking relief. People are asking for alternatives to pharmaceuticals that often come with dangerous side effects. Rather than side effects, naturally healing Hemp oil works together with your body to improve one’s health and over all well-being. Keep reading if you are interested in knowing ways in which Hemp oil can enrich your life:


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Vegan cosmetics are growing in popularity, but these manufacturers aren’t able to use beeswax because of its animal derivation. Some are turning to CBD oil as a nutrient-rich thickening agent in mascaras and balms, or as an ingredient in serums and moisturizers. CBD's anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory properties make it ideal for skincare on the face and for minimizing acne. I talk more about its acne-healing abilities and other surprising qualities in my article, 5 Surprising Uses for CBD Oil to Enhance Your Day.

Pet care

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Animals can’t speak to us but as their close companions, it’s clear to us when they need some support. We’re trying our best to vouch for their needs compassionately, ethically, and accurately. With this in mind, it’s nice to know there is a more holistic approach to supporting your pet’s overall health. Pet owners are using CBD oil to treat a variety of issues including separation anxiety, lack of appetite, arthritis, noise phobia, sleeping disorders, and discomfort from old age. As always with our furry loved ones, it’s so important to take great care in considering dosage, so follow the guidelines on packaging carefully!

Stress relief

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Some of the most common uses for CBD oil are stress relief, improved mood, and sleep. The fact that CBD oil does not get you high is a huge draw for many people. Among the many ailments CBD treats are panic disorder, social phobia, and mild to moderate depression. Perhaps the best part of this natural mood-support is what it lacks: there are no side effects like those found in pharmaceuticals, no addictive qualities, and no one has ever reported having overdosed on CBD.

Pain relief and disease treatment

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CBD oil has been used for chronic pain, muscle strain, and arthritis for a long time, often in topical salves or lotions. The idea is that CBD interacts with the tiny proteins attached to brain cells—receptors—and the cells respond with anti-inflammatory and painkilling effects. Other healthcare uses include protection and relief for chemotherapy symptoms.

Looking forward

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Cannabis and its extracts like CBD oil have been present in the world of natural healing for a long time, but until now, this all-natural healing compound has been prevented from holding any kind of respected status. It’s exciting to see how despite the setbacks, CBD oil is now permitted to be legally sold in all but four states.

With the updating and passing of the 2014 Farm Bill later this year, it will become legal for cannabis products to be sold everywhere. This will allow for further clinical testing and use by practitioners across the United States. Imagine what this will mean for people of all ages and for preventative use and treatment!  The value of CBD has already been demonstrated and documented by many who have seen their lives changed for the better.

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