Living Lightly with Green Waste

Living Lightly with Green Waste

One thing that is particularly on my mind right now is the health of our natural environment.  This subject is a sensitive one, especially as it becomes more eminent to discuss the current situation of climate change and to then address it.  We all have the same basic needs and an inherent desire to keep our planet healthy and beautiful.  We want to protect our water, air, soil, plants and animals. Taking the extra steps to do so, might feel inconvenient to you.  On the other hand, it might resonate easily.  Wherever you land on these issues, we can agree on one thing: Industrialization is at the core of the problem and has packed a powerful blow to our ecosystem over the last few decades.  You are probably already in the habit of recycling.  Here are a couple more things you might consider to lighten the load on our Earth.  I hope you will!

Make Your Own Natural Fertilizer

Looking for ways to rebuild the soil?  You can transform leftover fruit and vegetable scraps into a beneficial compost. This easy-to-make fertilizer is a nutrient source for your plants and reduces the amount of debris going to the landfill. Horse manure is also a great fertilizer.  Ask anyone who has a horse and they will let you know that manure is plentiful and beneficial!  When mixed into the soil or used to make a "tea," manure provides nitrogen, a key element for leafy green plants.


Carry a Bag + ... these things!


It is encouraging to see that bringing your own, reusable shopping bag is very common today. The alarming amount of plastic waste we have created around the world is a result of our convenient lifestyles.  Why not take a pledge to carry a set of silverware too?  Check out this awesome set of nesting silverware that I found at a garage sale.  All that I needed was a cup and a cotton napkin to go along. I love it! How about challenge yourself? Can you slurp that drink without a straw?  Sure you can! And maybe bring your own coffee cup for discount and a extra homey feeling! 


Buy in Bulk


As much as possible, avoid single-serve items and opt for bulk products. You’ll not just reduce the amount of packaging that has to be recycled or thrown away, but you'll also save money!

Support Organic


Growing your own food, or choosing local and organic produce is healthier and more rewarding.  It also helps provide habitat and food for pollinators.  Maybe for your birthday this year, plant pollinator-friendly flowers, shrubs or trees? Invite beauty into your space, no matter how large or small.

Love Local

Support your community by shopping for local products. There are so many benefits!!  Getting to know your neighbors and making new friends; getting exercise because you walked or rode your bike; getting out of your routine and feeling less stress.  And for the planet you are reducing your carbon footprint!