How To Choose A CBD Salve Or Lotion

How To Choose A CBD Salve Or Lotion

These days you'll find hundreds of cannabinoid (CBD) products to choose from. It can be confusing to know which one to try, even harder to know what to trust.  When it comes to CBD lotion and other topical products, we can offer a few golden rules to follow. 

Why Use CBD on Skin?

Your skin contains the highest number of cannabinoid receptors of all your body’s organs. Used topically, CBD influences and regulates those receptors to bring about healing, soothing and calming effects. CBD used topically, can help with things like inflammation, pain regulation, immune system responses and the amount of oil the skin produces.  

Choose a topical that offers a Certificate of Analysis (COA)

Transparency is important. A COA is a quality assurance and analysis that details third party lab tests. The COA defines the composition of the CBD oil for total cannabinoids such as CBD, THC and Terpenes. It also defines safety measures such as possible levels of pesticides, microbes, or metals. To know more about what you are buying, remember to ask for a COA for any product with CBD.

Choose a topical that uses Full-Spectrum hemp oil 

Full-spectrum means the pure extract of the hemp plant. The extract contains all of the compounds in the plant: CBD, CBG, CBN, CBC, flavonoids, terpenes, and .3% THC. Full spectrum compounds work together to produce what is called the entourage effect, a chemical reaction that occurs when a combination of cannabinoids is present at the same time. Research shows that using a full spectrum oil in topical products enhances the effects of all of the compounds, simultaneously! That's synergistic, and makes a full-spectrum oil a more effective choice for lotions, balms and salves.

Know how the hemp was grown and processed—from “Seed to Shelf”

Farming and extraction methods impact the quality of hemp oils.  At Suzi's, we prefer sun grown and organic hemp to increase the amount of CO₂ sequestered in the soil. Supercritical CO₂ extraction is used, instead of toxic solvents.  This results in safe and clean oils and the highest, natural quality. 

Choose a company with a history for making skincare products

A lot of companies are riding the CBD boom. Some companies may have skipped a few steps with their rush to the market. If not formulated correctly, a product may cause allergic reactions, or create other negative outcomes for your skin. At Suzi’s, we pay careful attention to blend our CBD oil in just the right way with organic, bioactive oils and calming extracts. Safe, gentle, & effective. Look for a knowledgeable and well experienced company that won’t mind answering your questions to help guide you to the best products available.

Lastly—price matters

Effective, potent, pure and high-quality CBD extracts are very expensive! Excellent products take time, effort and money to create. The price of a product is often a good marker of its quality. It is worth investing more in something that can be life changing. Our motto with CBD is to start low and go slow. See what works with your body. Try to avoid products with high concentrations of CBD but cost less. Chances are a lower dose is just as effective. Cheaper products may be subpar and from unregulated CBD sources. It is good to have a choice!