For thousands of years, humankind has cultivated hemp as a source of food, housing, clothing, and medicine. Today, the versatility of this precious resource is being rediscovered and its benefits are making waves in the wellness industry.

From hemp hearts to CBD, there are so many ways to get this amazing plant into your life. But why use hemp? And what's the best way to use it for your personal wellness goals? Let's take a look.

1. What is hemp?

Hemp is a variety of Cannabis sativa, and it’s used for its seeds, fibers, and sometimes the flowers. Hemp contains an ingredient called CBD (cannabidiol), which doesn't get you high but works to reduce anxiety, relax muscles, and soothe aches.

2. There’s a science to how hemp works in your body.

The human body actually contains its own endocannabinoid system (ECS). That's our body's own internal network of cannabinoid receptors which regulate how we feel and experience our mental states. Since the ECS works to regulate so many things in our bodies, getting it back in balance can have positive effects on us humans.

When you use hemp/cannabis products that are rich in CBD and other cannabinoids, these compounds interact with your ECS by attaching themselves to receptor sites throughout your brain and central nervous system.

3. Hemp for pain relief

While it’s not known exactly how hemp works to relieve aches and pains, studies have shown that CBD may block an enzyme called COX1. This is a key mechanism by which pain is created throughout your body. By blocking the COX1 enzyme from working properly, CBD can “trick” your body into feeling less pain or discomfort than it would otherwise feel. The dosage you use (and type of product) will depend on your individual needs.

4. What's the difference between broad-spectrum and full-spectrum hemp?

Broad-spectrum extracts contain CBD, other cannabinoids, and terpenes, but no THC. THC has anti-inflammatory properties that may be beneficial for those with certain conditions, such as arthritis and PTSD, but it also has psychotropic effects that may make some users feel uncomfortable or jittery. To avoid this side effect without sacrificing the health benefits of terpenes and cannabinoids that cannabis is known to provide, many people prefer broad-spectrum hemp extract instead of full-spectrum so they retain the benefits and still pass a drug test.

Unlike full spectrum hemp extract, broad-spectrum hemp extract contains no detectable levels of THC, which is the chemical in the plant that gets people high. This means that you get all of the benefits of hemp and CBD without any psychoactive effects, and since the THC is removed during both extraction processes there’s no chance it would have remained in trace amounts after testing by either a third party or an individual user (and it would not cause a positive drug test).

5. The benefits of applying hemp topically

The skin's high concentration of cannabinoid receptors makes it a promising target for CBD. When applied topically, CBD binds to the cannabinoid receptors in your epidermal and dermal skin, a process that can alleviate pain and inflammation. The act of applying CBD to your body can have an additional soothing impact on your skin, as self-massage can reduce tension, increase circulation, and breakdown connective tissue like fascia.

One thing to note when applying CBD topically is that it only works where you use it. If you have full-body soreness or pain in hard-to-reach areas.

6. The benefits of ingesting and taking hemp orally

CBD can be consumed in two ways. The first method, sublingual, requires holding CBD oil under your tongue for up to 60 seconds before swallowing. The CBD gets absorbed through the capillaries in your mouth and enters directly into the bloodstream and eventually to the cannabinoid receptors of the ECS.

The second method, ingesting, requires consuming CBD in capsule, edible (like a gummy), soda, or another edible method. After the liver metabolizes the CBD, the remaining compounds are then sent to the bloodstream. It’s this reason why ingesting CBD has such low bioavailability; the digestive enzymes break it down into unusable components before reaching the blood. However, research indicates that the effects of ingested CBD last longer than any other application method.

7. Hemp is multi-purpose, just like Suzi's

In addition to pain relief, hemp has shown positive results as a treatment for things like insomnia and sleep disorders, anxiety, depression, and PTSD, skin conditions like psoriasis and eczema, and even epilepsy.

We love the powerful applications of this multi-talented plant, which is why we've carefully crafted a product line of hemp products designed to a greater sense of ease, calm, and well-being to your life.