CBD, as easy as 123? Maybe not…

CBD, as easy as 123? Maybe not…

I don’t think Cannabidiol (CBD), will be just another one of those “buzz words,” if plants have anything to say about it! The history of the plant from which this compound comes (cannabis), is long, storied, beautiful and completely amazing. Let’s begin with the fact that it is possibly one of the oldest plants cultivated by humans.  It goes way back to ancient Egypt and has been used in building construction, to make textiles and as a medicine.

Today CBD has been the subject of much research due to its many and varied medical applications.  It’s not just the therapeutic attributes that caught my eye, but the fact that the compound is also non-psychoactive. It does not produce a feeling of being ‘high’ as is often associated with cannabis use and the mind-altering effects of other cannabinoids such as THC.

CBD and You?

So what makes CBD so hard to understand and to trust?  Is it that complicated? It might help if we understood why our body needs it.

Did you know that your body actually makes a CBD like compound? And your cells have receptors to receive and use it? It’s true!  But we don’t make enough of it to combat all of the stress and pain, be it emotional or physical that we experience daily. So I like to think of it like a vitamin deficiency. We can apply CBD salves and lotions right where it hurts, or we can take it in drop form.  Your body strives to be in balance. Sometimes it struggles.  

The use of CBD and the dose that is right for you is highly individual.  Whether you are looking for improved sleep, relief from anxiety, are experiencing acute or chronic physical pain, or have other conditions you are seeking help for, I believe CBD can help. 

CBD and Me!

Plants have deep secrets they can tell us if only we will listen.  One secret I discovered a few years ago, was that CBD has pain relieving effects.  As an active and outgoing person, I never imagined having to deal with pain and the fatigue associated with it, especially on a daily basis.  My pain led me to reach for something convenient so that I didn’t have to slow down or give up my favorite things.  I thought that my diagnosis of osteoarthritis was no big deal. Although I was advised to take steroid shots and to use high-powered pain creams, I bought the largest bottle of Ibuprofen I could find and started self-medicating.  After a few months and several very large bottles of that technique, I realized I was on the wrong track.  My stomach ached, I had no appetite and I seemed to be increasing the dose daily.  It was time to do some of my own research.

I had heard about CBD and wondered if I could formulate a product to soothe my achy muscles and joints. Just like my grandfather and mother before me, I am a salve maker.  What about a topical application of CBD oil, massaged deeply into those areas of pain?  Better yet, put the CBD oil into a salve with other oils that also help reduce inflammation and pain. 

Four years ago I started formulating our Muscle & Joint Salve.  My trial testing friends were complete strangers to me at the time. They helped me with several iterations until I got it just right.  I was so excited to learn that the salve was helping them too.  People told me stories of how they were snow boarding, skiing, running and walking again for the first time in years, without pain.  But it was a call that I got from my dad, who was 86 years-old at the time, that really stopped me. He told me that he had buttoned his shirt and tied his shoes for the first time in months!  He just wanted to know what the h*** I was putting in that stuff.

Today I have full mobility in my hands, hips and knees.  Most nights I have a nice long, restful sleep. My brave and patient friends, family and trial testers are loyal supporters of my process of curiosity and discovery.  Along with a deep quest for self care and for helping others, this has lead to the development of all natural and organic, healing products. For this I am very thankful.

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