Suzi shares the story of how she discovered hemp as a relief for chronic pain and created her line of products- each inspired by her own experiences.

Suzi's Hemp products began with a search for healing

I first discovered CBD in 2012 after a visit to my doctor to discuss the chronic pain and swelling I was experiencing on my right thumb and wrist. At that time my thumb had a golf ball-sized swelling on the main joint. After a round of films and discussions, he diagnosed me with osteoarthritis, a degenerative condition. With time, it would only get worse. He wanted to prescribe pain killers and let me know that surgery was inevitable down the line (and eventually happened in early 2022).

I was already using quite a lot of ibuprofen and wanted a better understanding and possible solution for my pain, so I opted out of taking a more potent form of pain medicine and left the doctors’ office empty-handed.

Instead, I searched online for natural pain relievers only to find two main options: Arnica Gel and Cannabidiol or CBD. Arnica had no effect on my pain. I had no idea what CBD was but recognized the cannabis leaf and felt curious. Taking what felt like a bit of a risk, I ordered a syringe of raw CBD oil from a company in Michigan. It was a weird experience to think I might be ordering something illegal to help with my pain.

Once the product arrived, I followed up with the company to ask about potency and how to determine the proper amount of CBD to use to make a 100 mg salve. This stuff was a green sticky paste and smelled like pot. I was not too excited to walk around smelling like that all day. What would my students say?

Following the same Good Manufacturing Practices and salve making protocols I have used with the Lavender Healing Salve and researching for a way to make the salve fast acting and long lasting (without having to use a high percentage of CBD), I made my first batch of CBD Salve. The three essential oils I chose; organic rosemary, peppermint and lavender all three were known to increase circulation thereby decreasing inflammation.

I was really excited to find that after just three days of using the salve, my pain and the inflammation was virtually gone! I wasn’t waking up at night and I regained full use of my thumb.

Essential oils and hemp, a match made in heaven!

We use a proprietary blend of essential oils in our topical products. Our blend of essential oils are bioactive on the skin making our product easily and more quickly absorbed into the tissues. They help increase circulation and decrease inflammation and work in concert with CBD to calm and restore normal tissue functioning.

The use of essential oils is not only therapeutic, but allows us to keep the level of CBD relatively low and still have a high level of efficacy. This is important as CBD has a reverse tolerance factor. This means that the use of CBD either topically or when ingested, triggers the body’s own endocannabinoid system to kick in and to produce its own form of CBD (anandamide). We can use less and less CBD or vary the amount that we use over time.

Using hemp for pain relief

The human body actually contains its own endocannabinoid system (ECS). That's our body's own internal network of cannabinoid receptors which regulate how we feel and experience our mental states. Since the ECS works to regulate so many things in our bodies, getting it back in balance can have positive effects on us humans.

When you use hemp/cannabis products that are rich in CBD and other cannabinoids, these compounds interact with your ECS by attaching themselves to receptor sites throughout your brain and central nervous system.

This helps to restore an already present but unbalanced process within the body—and produces positive effects for us humans looking to get back into balance ourselves!


Suzi's Hemp products provide you with safe and effective pain relief, naturally. We can't wait to help you discover a new world of natural health and well-being.