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Circulation & Your Skin

Did you know that your heart beats more than 100,000 times a day? Every beat pushes nutrients, blood, and oxygen throughout the body, including the skin.

Your Skin Loves Oxygenated Blood

A key to balanced, supple skin is to use oils like lavender to promote bioactivity. Bioactivity means having a positive effect on the skin that results in increased circulation and absorption. This helps bring blood and nutrients where they are needed—to create that healthy, radiant glow.

Liver Health = Skin Health

Your liver plays a role in processing and cleaning your blood. This helps your blood carry nutrients to the skin while also removing toxins. Build up of toxins and a low functioning liver often results in skin issues. Try adding bitter foods such as kale, dandelion, or other greens, to your diet and limit alcohol and sugar to help your liver function at its best. Beautiful liver, beautiful skin!

The Skin Is Our Bodies Largest Organ

Did you know your skin is considered an organ? Our skin is a living, breathing part of our body. Every day thousands of new cells appear while an equal number die and exfoliate. It is amazing to think of the skin this way. Its a new you, every day!

Circulation - One Of Our Four Pillars

Circulation is one of our Four Pillars — the concepts that shape all our products. Read more about our Four Pillars here.

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A Radiant Skin Care Guide for Active Women

A Radiant Skin Care Guide for Active Women
No matter what your lifestyle, your age, or your path in life, exercise plays a role in having healthy skin. Your skin oxygenates and cleanses itself through sweating! Increased blood flow from a workout helps bring nutrients to the tissues, creating an opening for the natural exchange of oxygen and carbon dioxide. However, without proper attention to your skin and without a healthy skin care routine, frequent workouts can also take a toll on your skin.  Continue reading