How we make our traditional family salve

How we make our traditional family salve

Salve ingredients boiling in the pot

Elderberry And Balsam Fir

When Suzi was young, her mother would take her into the forest behind their home on Mt Emily. There they would gather elderberry stems and balsam fir sap. They would take these ingredients back home and blend them to make a salve. Suzi still makes this salve today. It was the inspiration for our first product, the Lavender Healing Salve.

Spring Salve Making

This spring, our family gathered together to make the traditional family salve. Suzi cut elderberry stalks and assembled the ingredients from near her home.

Teal, Suzi's daughter, cutting and peeling elderberry stems



Suzi and her sister Barb mixing the ingredients

Teal stirring while Barb and Suzi smell the balsam fir sap

Elderberry stems create green foam when added

Then the foam begins to reduce

Time to filter!

Pouring salve into tins

The final result!

A family tradition, renewed

This year was the first in a while that we have been able to gather together to make the salve. But as time goes on, we plan to gather together to make the salve each spring! It was so much fun.

Salve classes - would you attend?

Suzi had so much fun teaching everyone how to make the salve, she had an idea to offer salve making classes. Is this something you would be interested in? If so, send an email to: suzi@

- Suzi & the team