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No matter what your lifestyle, your age, or your path in life, exercise plays a role in having healthy skin. Your skin oxygenates and cleanses itself through sweating! Increased blood flow from a workout helps bring nutrients to the tissues, creating an opening for the natural exchange of oxygen and carbon dioxide. However, without proper attention to your skin and without a healthy skin care routine, frequent workouts can also take a toll on your skin. 
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Living Lightly with Green Waste
One thing that is particularly on my mind right now is the health of our natural environment.  This subject is a sensitive one, especially as it becomes more eminent to discuss the current situation of climate change and to then address it.  We all have the same basic needs and an inherent desire to keep our planet healthy and beautiful.  We want to protect our water, air, soil, plants and animals. Taking the extra steps to do so, might feel inconvenient to you.
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5 Summer Herbs For Your Home Garden

Your yard, garden and patio are wonderful extensions of the place we call home. Being outside to witness the natural world is refreshing and quite interesting to me.  Why not create your own little garden and make your experience with nature rich and memorable?  Here are 5 of the best summer herbs that are perfect for this sunny season.

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