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Guest Post: Adult’re not alone
Adult acne is complex and every person is different. The time of year, hormones, diet, exposure to chemicals, products, stress, exercise, etc. all contribute to the health and happiness of our skin. With so many variables, it can be REALLY tough to find just the right mix. And often it feels like as soon as I get it right, a variable changes and I’m starting from scratch.
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A Beginner's Guide to Foraging This Spring

Spring is a time of renewal, when the cold blanket of snow, or long rains, ceases, and the light returns.

Trees, flowers, and bushes respond to the change in day length (not temperature!) and begin to come out of their long slumber. Mushrooms appear in the forests. Grass begins to grow and green again.

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Our favorite winter reads (and listens!)
Winter is a time for hibernation, getting cozy and soaking up a good book. We asked the Suzi’s Lavender team what books and podcasts are currently on the coffee table or in the earbuds. Here’s what we’re loving right now. What’s on your list?
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CBD has become a global trend for skincare, pet care, stress relief, medical research into autoimmune diseases and for soothing sore muscles and joints. We’re thrilled to see more CBD being used, but this has led to a ton of confusion about what it is and what it does. We hope to help you separate fact from fiction, and determine if CBD is the right choice for you.
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