Our Story


A Family Tradition Of Healing

Harvesting wild elderberry and making healing salves has been a part of Suzi's family heritage since 1865. The elderberry plant and other wild harvested ingredients were used in the family "cure-all salve," going back several generations.  
Growing up, Suzi's mother taught her how to harvest elderberry stems for making the salve. Like her great grandfather before her who taught his children, Suzi's mother showed her how to harvest and process the plant compounds to release the healing extracts. Other ingredients were added to complete the formula. The salve was used to heal everything from cuts, to wounds, to burns and infections, including a severe and life threatening infection that Suzi's great, great grandfather had when he was just a young boy.
Later, when I was living in the the dry, cold climate of Nebraska, my hands began to crack and bleed. One day I called home, and my mother reminded me of the family salve. That night I made a batch. When I used it the next day, I was amazed to find it more effective and healing than anything I had used. Within a few days, my hands were back to normal. We create our products with this effectiveness in mind, and the intention of helping others. 

Suzi's Today

We maintain parts of the original salve recipe even today. We now use lavender oil in our formulas for its antimicrobial and healing properties. The use of lavender and other botanical oils have become a standard practice in all Suzi’s products. With our products, we continue the family tradition of healing.