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Citrus hand sanitizer in glass bottle

2 oz

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Citrus hand sanitizer in glass bottle

4 oz

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Citrus hand sanitizer in glass bottle

20 oz

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Removes 99% of germs

Made with 70% ethyl alcohol to support the removal of 99% of germs without soap & water, helping you avoid getting sick and spreading germs to others.

Hydrating, Not Drying

Our formula includes vegetable glycerin which acts as a natural humectant, delivering much needed moisture to the skin instead of drying it out.

Only 5 Ingredients

Suzi's created this simple, but effective formula with only 5 powerful ingredients meant to remove bacteria & viruses, boost your spirit, and soothe & protect delicate skin.


Love the sanitizer.

I’ve been using the hand sanitizer for about a year now and it leaves my hands feeling soft instead of chapped and smelling like great ❤️

- Diane F

Don't ever stop making this!

It's the best all around. Moisturizes hands while killing germs. It smells amazing!

- Jennifer W

Where did you get that??!!

Everyone asks "Where did you get that? It is the best-scented sanitizer! Feel it working, germ-killing and aromatherapy soothing spritz.

- De F

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