Our credit card processor is temporarily down

As many of you know, hemp derived CBD was legalized on a national level after the 2018 Farm Bill was signed.  This is great news for consumers who have realized the benefits this wonderful compound provides. It also opened the door to many “kitchen chemists” and companies that are not providing necessary documentation or acting in the best interest of consumers.

The biggest bank processor in the US elected to shut down its CBD processing division approximately 30 days ago.  Unfortunately, this was the bank that we used to process credit cards on our website. This decision left 1,000’s of companies like ours without a way to process website orders through a secure gateway.

We have already initiated a new processor relationship, however, there is potentially a 2-4 week approval.

We will gladly take your order over the phone (503-476-9981).  Kind of like the way we used to do it before the internet 😉. You’ll more than likely talk to Suzi and we’ll make sure your order is promptly filled and delivered.

Thank you for your patience. If you have further questions, please contact todd@suzislavender.com.