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Who is suzi?

Suzi is a teacher, science thinker, mom and entrepreneur who had an idea of how to keep her skin moisturized, protected and feeling great all day. Understanding the basic needs of the skin, she went about formulating a few, key products to nourish and support her skin no matter what the time of year and no matter where she traveled.

Keeping it simple

Keeping it simple felt smart! Suzi wanted to feel great about how her skin felt and looked but wanted to be out “in life,” not in the bathroom for hours every day. Suzi quickly realized the importance of having fewer products. Minimizing what she put on her skin allowed it to respond favorably to the nourishing plant-based ingredients, and not to be overwhelmed and reactive. 

Always growing

Suzi's started by sharing products at small in-home gatherings and later in stores, hospitals, spas and online. The enthusiasm and personal stories Suzi’s customers would tell, led her to understand how misunderstood good skincare is. People would tell her that they couldn’t believe how they could actually feel the product working on their skin, and would often ask her to create samples for them to share with others.