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"My Skin Has Never Looked Better!

I have been using Suzi’s Lavender products exclusively since June 2015. The products are so simple to use, smell lovely, are of the highest ingredients and last forever. I particularly like the Foaming Face Wash- best cleanser ever - and the Day, Night and Eye creams. I don’t have much time for a beauty regime and Suzi’s products meet all my moisturizing, cleansing, hydrating and healing needs."

- Cathy M.

"Suzi's product quality surpasses others.

As a certified esthetician for 15 years, I’ve worked with many different professional skin care lines. Suzi's Botanical Body Lotion is rich and emollient, a necessity in the high desert where I live. It is the only lotion “clean” enough that I use it on my newborn baby and toddler. Our family couldn’t be more grateful to have products of this quality available!"

- Ellie

I have very sensitive skin so I need something that moisturizes and is lightweight— the Botanical Facial Oil is perfect. The smell is divine and it feels so good on the skin. Highly recommend."

- Julia B.

I am waiting to have back surgery and the nerve pain down my leg has been excruciating. The Muscle & Joint Salve is the only thing that relieves the pain. If it wasn't for this wonderful product I would be on narcotics, Thank you so much for making this product!"

- Dawn T.

Before Suzi’s Lavender Face-care line, I had cystic acne, dry skin, and dark circles under my eyes. Throughout my life I have tried every medical skin care line and those products were way to harsh and intense for my skin.

My skin has always been so sensitive. Suzi’s Lavender products have completely cleared the cystic acne on my face and dark circles under my eyes. Now I have an around warm glow as well as a contagious smile from such joy to see how my face has completely transformed after years of not seeing results from other products I have tried!

My skin feels silky, and provides the perfect amount of moisture throughout the entire day. I am forever grateful for Suzi’s Lavender and the amazing array of botanical products!!"

- Noel B.

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I found Suzi’s Lavender Hand & Foot Therapy Lotion when I was visiting the United States. I fell in love with how the lotion feels on my skin. I think it is the only one I have found that helps my dry skin. I bought 10 bottles and can’t wait to share it with my family and friends back in Japan. Thank you Suzi!”

- Yumiko