A saving grace

Suzi's Botanical Facial Oil has been my saving grace on so many occasions and for many reasons! I don't use the oil so much for my face but I keep it in my handbag with me at all times and use it to help calm me down when I'm feeling stressed out. I also use it to moisturize my chest, hands and arms and again at bedtime to help me sleep.The way I use it to treat my stress is to put two squirts on my hands and then hold my hands up to my nose and take several deep breaths. It calms me down almost immediately! I just love the scent of her lavender as I find the botanical oil is more potent than other lavender oils that I've tried. I also just love love her facial foam! I have sensitive skin and it does the trick without drying my face out while again getting another opportunity to inhale her dreamy lavender... I can't say enough good things about her products!

Stacy B, LA

Improved Recovery Time

I have been using the M & J Salve for about 3 months now and the results I have gotten with it are outstanding. I am an extremely active Personal Trainer and my body is under constant stress. Whenever I neglect to use the salve, my delayed onset muscles soreness is always worse. If you are a serious athlete looking to improve recovery time, take a look at this product! 

Ben, San Francisco

Absolutely Love This Stuff

Absolutely love this stuff! I walk/run 25 miles a week and my heels show it IF I don't use Suzi's salve! I rub it all over my feet and put loose socks on before I crawl into bed for the night! Voilé, the next day my feet are so soft!!


Simple & Effective

I have been using Suzi’s Lavender products exclusively since June 2015. My skin has never looked better. The products are so simple to use, smell lovely, are of the highest ingredients and last forever. I particularly like the Foaming Face Wash - best cleanser ever - and the Day, Night and Eye creams.I don’t have much time for a beauty regime and Suzi’s products meet all my moisturizing, cleansing, hydrating and healing needs.  During our lavender season, we have many repeat customers happy with Suzi’s and stocking up for friends and family.  From Cuticle Oil to Lip balm, they are the best.  Hoping for a shampoo and sunscreen - at that point my medicine cabinet will be all Suzi!

Cathy Macneal, Berkeley

Prevents Migraines

Migraines have been a major source of discomfort for me for many years. They disrupt my life with awful and relentless pain. I tried avoiding certain foods and alcohol, while looking for my trigger. I would always end up needing my pharmaceutical drug in order to get relief. It turns out my trigger is stress.

After several acupuncture treatments that helped to begin breaking the pattern of 3-4 migraines a week, I found Suzi's Lavender Muscle & Joint Salve. It gave me relief within minutes of massaging it into my forehead and sinus areas!

I have actually been able to not only find relief, but also stop a minor headache from becoming major, by repeating this treatment several times in an hour. It's also helpful in so many other ways: from the wonderful aroma, the velvety texture and knowing it's derived from pure, simple and organic ingredients. I am so happy and relieved to have found this truly amazing product that has NO side effects!

Suzi’s Lavender Muscle & Joint Salve has been such a HUGE help and remedy to a nearly 10 year-old problem! Thank you, Suzi's Lavender!

Barbara, Oregon

Juleen from The Bronx writes...

I decided to try Lavender Healing Salve on my sore, stuff thumb joints twice a day. Within a week my thumb was back to it's healthy self bending away. I am so thrilled with your products and will not use anything else. How lucky we are to have your skin care line in the world. Thank you forever!


amazing skincare products

I am a woman in my 50’s with over thirty years of professional cosmetic and skincare experience so I’m very careful with the products I purchase. I really like Suzi’s products and the Botanical Facial Oil is my absolute favorite. It was love at first try! My skin immediately had a glow. It feels lightweight and is easily absorbed, not heavy at all. This product has plant based, skin loving oils that hydrate and naturally exfoliate my skin. I believe that all skin types will benefit from this little gem! I use it at night, add a drop to my daytime moisturizer and also pat a dab under my eyes midday. Thank you Suzi for amazing skincare products that work! 

Tami, Oregon


We use the lotion daily at our house. It's the only lotion I will use on my 2 and 4 year old boys. We use it after every bath, and then rub it on their feet before bed to help support a restful nights sleep. I started using the lotion on my oldest son when he had really rough spots on his knees from crawling, Suzi's was the ONLY product that made his knees soft again! I started using the lotion right away when our second child was born, and he never got the rough knee spots from crawling! Suzi's is the BEST lotion for children!

Liz Satterthwaite, Nebraska


"I purchased the Organic Hydrosol & Toner as well as the Lavender Foaming Face Wash about 6 months ago. I have suffered from dry skin and acne for years and noticed a HUGE difference in the texture and overall appearance of my skin after switching to these products. I love the ingredients and that it's free from harsh chemicals. I finally feel good about what I am putting on my skin!!!" Sarah, Omaha, NE

“Suzi’s Lavender Organic Hydrosol & Toner is so fresh it takes me right back to the lavender field I visited last summer. I can’t wait to put is on every morning as an important part of my wake up ritual. It is light and moisturizing. It is a nice way to greet the day and works well over my makeup as a kind of finishing touch. Love it!

Stacey, Canby, OR”


I am a guy who doesn’t mind having my hands look and feel awesome. I met Suzi in a Whole Foods Store where I am employed and she was demoing her amazing products. I let her know that my favorite product is in fact, the Hand Therapy Kit. Thanks for not looking too surprised, Suzi! My dry cracked fingers and cuticles are looking good these days. 

Jeremiah, Lincoln, NE


I found your Travel Kit at Portland’s Made in Oregon store. It was the absolutely perfect thing to take along on my trip to Arizona. I love, the Lavender Healing Salve and Hand & Foot Therapy Lotion combo. Perfect for the dry air in Arizona. The inhalers were new to me and I have to say, the AWAKEN is my favorite. I was using a plastic bag for my makeup but was able to fit all of my daily favorites inside with the other awesome products. I am a fan!

Kelsey, Salem, OR


We use Suzi’s Lavender Bug Off Spray on every outing and recently discovered the Bug Off Stick! We use both for protection on our latest hiking overnight. The spray was nice around the campfire and didn’t leave that weird chemical smell in the air. Mosquitoes, gnats and flies completely avoided us. The Bug Off Stick was great for 

the hike. We only applied it once. I like the way it feels on my skin. Even seems to add a little moisture but wasn’t sticky. Thanks for making family safe and good smelling products.

Tito, Lawrence, KS.

BATH SALTS/Botanical Body Lotion/ Cuticle Oil

Taking a bath to help me relax at night (especially in the cold winter nights), has become a ritual for me. I received a gift basket of Suzi’s Lavender Bath Salts, Botanical Body Lotion and Cuticle Oil. Each of them play a role in my night time routine. The Salts smell heavenly and help my skin feel soft. The Body lotion is light yet really moisturizing. And the Cuticle Oil is like having a manicure. My cuticles never have looked so good. I didn’t know that sea salt would help my nails grow stronger but they look great. I love my Suzi’s products!

Teresa, Florida


Lavender Fresh Air is just that! I spray this stuff everywhere. It helps my son sleep at night when I spray it on his pillow and around his bed. In the kitchen we keep one at the sink. I bought a third one to keep in our bathroom. I read that lavender is antimicrobial. So why not spray this stuff everywhere? Great product and versatile too!

Ginny, Virginia


I recently discovered a new product from Suzi’s Lavender! It is an inhaler called CALM. The smell is just like the rest of her products, clean and relaxing and beautiful. I carry one in my bag for those times when I get anxious and always keep one next to my bed. What a great way to settle in for the night.

Casey, Wyoming


My husband has trouble sleeping. We heard that Lavender oil could help. We found that Suzi’s Lavender oil (L. angustifolia) really helps. Mike puts it on his pillow, the bottom of his feet and on his wrists. What a difference it has made! It is so relaxing and there is no more tossing and turning all night long!

Sally & Mike, Carmel, CA

My Mom modeled the way in taking the best care of her health – paying special attention to using only high quality products on her face, hair and body (and eating right too). I learned that it makes a big difference so I also invest in the time and energy to find the best products! That is why I started using Suzi’s Lavender products.
The Botanical Body Lotion and Hand & Foot Therapy are amazing! A little goes a long way and I love the way they feel and smell. Very pure Lavender essential oil and ingredients!
I now am sharing the gift of Suzi’s Lavender with my loved ones! Friends and family are now big fans too!
Being local is a super plus too!

Monica, Oregon