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Why We're Different

Suzi’s Lavender wasn’t built around a trend in the market for the latest anti-aging, wrinkle erasing or spot removing ingredient. Instead, we are a curious and innovative company that formulates based on customer need and a history of making healing skin care productsWe believe skin is beautiful. We believe our skin needs support and nourishment throughout our lives. Our products are built with powerful plant extracts that have been shown to have a positive and bioactive impact on the skin. You can rest assured that they will always be paraben, phthalate, GMO and cruelty free.  


Our company was built using the finest quality, most nurturing and bioactive plant based materials. It all started in 1865 with Suzi’s great, great grandfather, who as a young child, had a terrible burn on his leg. The family tradition of salve making has endured over the decades, healing hundreds of burns, wounds and infections. (you can read the whole story here).


Using nature’s treasure trove of healing plant extracts and combining them into salves, lotions and creams that truly make a difference to our customers, is our sole reason for existence. Our products help people as we have seen again and again in our customer feedback. Suzi, a Master Gardener who holds a Master of Science uses the scientific protocol of exploring and experimenting with ingredients. She finds the delicate blend between various plant compounds. This is the reason our products are so effective. We always seek feedback for our products from our customers and welcome their ideas for new formulations or improvements.

We develop trial testing groups to help evaluate and revise each new formula. This has become a dynamic and rewarding experience and has made customers feel like old friends and family.

Suzi grew up in Eastern Oregon and fondly remembers going into the co-op and putting barley, wheat and flour into glass jars with her Mom. Recycling wasn’t something that was done once in a while…it was an everyday occurrence. Being gentle to the Earth by planting trees, using recycled boxes and packing materials is something we practice at Suzi’s Lavender. We strongly believe in actively working to preserve the Earth for all life and for the future. This is a fundamental value and an important daily ritual.