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All-natural, bioactive blends for all skin types

Relief You Can Feel

Like food for the skin, Suzi’s supports a variety of skin types and conditions — providing all day moisture, comfort, and visible results. The bioactive formulations aim to soothe aches & pains and nourish the skin naturally.

Plant-Based Since 1865

Techniques for harvesting & processing plants have been passed down in Suzi's family for generations. True to our roots, all our products are plant-based, cruelty-free, organic, and free from synthetic additives.

Informed by Science

Science-based methods & trial tests are the foundation of Suzi’s unique formulations. The gentle & sustainable blends work in concert with your skin allowing you to feel the effects of the products instantly.


I love the scent and feel of the facial oil, and it is so gentle and nourishing on my skin! I have noticed it helps calm irritation and generally keeps my skin more balanced. It absorbs in a lovely way rather than leaving a greasy feeling. I use it daily and a little goes a long way.

- Anna K

I’ve been using the lavender hand sanitizer for about a year now and it leaves my hands feeling soft instead of chapped and smelling like lavender instead of alcohol ❤️

- Diane T

As with every item I have purchased...the cuticle oil is an excellent product. I am in healthcare and wash my hand constantly. The cuticle oil has saved me from cracking fingers and bleeding cuticles.

- Diane C

Awesome, high-quality products!
I wouldn’t have thought to use the facial oil first until seeing Suzi’s video. Now, I look forward to my two-step process each night (and my face is thanking me). The natural lavender fragrance is EVERYTHING! It’s like a personal spa treatment and my skin has a hydrated feeling & glow. Loving this!

- Taj

We absolutely love Suzi's Lavender salve!! We use it for dry hands, burns, itchy spots and more! Recommend this product to my friends all the time ☺

- Heather F
Hemp Lotion All Natural CBD Pain Relief - Suzi’s Lavender
Hemp Lotion All Natural CBD Pain Relief - Suzi’s Lavender
Head to Toe Hemp Lotion
Hemp Lotion All Natural CBD Pain Relief - Suzi’s Lavender

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Head to Toe Hemp Lotion
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