5 Summer Herbs For Your Home Garden

5 Summer Herbs For Your Home Garden

Your yard, garden and patio are wonderful extensions of the place we call home. Being outside to witness the natural world is refreshing and quite interesting to me.  Why not create your own little garden and make your experience with nature rich and memorable?  Here are 5 of the best summer herbs that are perfect for this sunny season.


Basil is considered the most adored herb of all time. It is popular because of its bright, vibrant leaves oozing with refreshing flavor and is very easy to grow! Because of its vivid aroma, not to mention health benefits, basil can be a staple all year around. Whether you’re making your favorite soup or you’re looking for an effective deodorizer, be in love with basil.


The appealing color and amazing benefits of chives make it to the list of the most sought-after summer herbs. Chives are natural antibiotics with anti-inflammatory properties. Growing this attractive plant in your garden not only means acquiring its charm but also driving away insect pets in your area.


In terms of ease of planting and harvesting, oregano is a definite front-runner. With good sunlight and drainage, it is a perfect herb to keep your kitchen busy all summer long. Aside from that, oregano flowers and leaves are both edible! So, you can add both into your favorite dish.   Plant lore promotes it for support of respiratory maladies and fungal infections. 


Have you tried fried sage?  One of our son's shared this with us a few years ago. Just use a little olive oil or butter in a pan, keep the heat low, fry until lightly brown and cripsy and serve as an appetizer. Delectable!   Famed for its traditional cooking benefits and its medical value, sage is also drought tolerant,  making it perfect for the summer heat! 


To complete the list is lavender, a member of the mint family. Lavender is famous for its soothing aroma, making it very popular among essential oils. Put a drop on your temples and pulse points to calm your mood and promote a restful sleep. Lavender relieves pain, treats burns, reduces acne, prevents hair loss, and kills germs. Lavender flowers are used in teas, baking and even your favorite aperitif!  You already know how much in love I am with lavender!  With good drainage and 6-8 hours of direct sunlight, lavender will be one of your favorites too.