💜A Letter From Suzi — On Coronavirus & Hope

💜A Letter From Suzi — On Coronavirus & Hope

Dear Suzi’s Family,


During times like these, when everything seems to be happening at once, it is hard to step back and pause. It seems like frantic activity is the only solution to the uncertainty and fear so many are experiencing. Questions like—Will I get sick? Are my loved ones safe? Will my business or employer survive this downturn?—are questions I and many others are wondering right now.

I want to offer something: the thought that we will make it through this. And also the urge to pay close attention to whatever sense of wellbeing you can find—whether it’s your local community, your co-workers, family, friends, or even your animal companions. It is important to me to focus on what good is around me, rather than focusing on the pain and fear I want to feel.

On a practical note, the scientist in me wants to seek more knowledge about what may or may not happen due to the coronavirus. I want to be informed, as many do, about how long it may be before things return to normal. In that direction, here are some useful guidelines on how best to protect yourself and your loved ones from the virus. And keep in mind, most people’s experience of the virus is that of flu-like symptoms, or less.  Based on available evidence from the CDC, children are not more susceptible to the virus, and symptoms in children are reportedly mild. It’s also important to note that after strong and difficult quarantine action in China, they are reporting less than 100 new cases per day.

Most important is the need to hold onto hope and positive perspectives in trying times. I have a little trick that I do when I feel uncertain or afraid. I take time to take care of myself. I shut out the whole, painful world for a little while. I make a cup of tea, and read something that inspires or interests me. To that note, thousands of acres of forest were just preserved in Alaska. This is wonderful news for our planet and its inhabitants—creatures large and small. Spring is coming, plants are leafing out and blooming. The weather is warming. It’s not all bad news. 


With love and care,

~ Suzi and the team